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Ms. Gamson has over 10 years of relationship coaching and business consulting experience. Her expertise is in working with consumers to identify needs, understanding current market trends, and blending brand equity with needs and trends.

Ms. Gamson loves research, especially “out of the box” thinking. She likes working closely with her clients to establish trust and consistency, empowering everyone she meets to excel in their areas of strength. Ms. Gamson is the author of “Creating a Caring Community,” an educational curriculum that helps a community (schools, businesses, camps, etc.) create a space where feeling valued comes first.

Ms. Gamson has her master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Marriage and Family Therapy; this training allows her to approach strategic analysis from a systemic model. She has worked with business executives, nonprofits, and market research teams to create “go-to-market” plans including primary and secondary research, business plan review, marketing plan design, and implementation. Ms. Gamson is responsible for heading KMI’s Business Services division. She is a research analyst, consultant, focus group moderator and enjoys working with new clients to find strategic vision.

Ms. Gamson is experienced in working in both the private and public sector and understanding the unique challenges that face these businesses. She demonstrates market research and consulting abilities and possesses strong writing and communication skills. She approaches client relationships from a systemic model and is able to multi-task many different facets of the projects she manages.

Businesses today need to make smarter, more economical business decisions. Before embarking on extensive research studies, our team of experts can help you leverage the knowledge that already exists within your business. We believe that understanding what exists today can only help our client teams develop STRONGER brand strategies, create better targeting and shape new consumer based product ideas.


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